The Belle of Amherst 1988

The Belle of Amherst 1988

The Belle of Amherst 2012

The Belle of Amherst 2012

The Belle of Amherst 2008

The Belle of Amherst 2008

The Belle of Amherst 1985

The Belle of Amherst 1985

Inside Cover

Inside Cover

An inscription from playwright Bill Luce

A note from William Luce

A note from William Luce

A letter from William Luce

A letter from William Luce



"A beautiful and moving performance!  The audience is still giving rave reviews.  I was so inspired that I put aside my household tasks for an hour to read more of Emily Dickinson’s poetry." -- Mary Reed


"Jane Fellows in The Belle of Amherst was one of the brightest lights in the twelve years of our American Classics Theatre Festival.  Her charming, funny, wise, insightful portrayal of Emily Dickinson completely enthralled our audiences, each and every night. We were lucky to have her as part of our season."

-- Tobias Andersen (Founding Director, Mt. Hood Repertory Theatre Co.)


"For two enthralling hours Miss Dickinson presented a tour de force of her poetry, wisdom, wit and advice on life.  This one-woman performance seemed indeed to be two women, one living and one in spirit.  When the play ended there was a hushed silence, more than a few tears, and an explosion of applause." -- Barbara Karmel,  (Program Committee Chair  Willamette Country Club)

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"Jane Fellows performed brilliantly."

-- Spokesman Review


"Her presence transformed the room into the whole world of the eccentric and reclusive poet.  This play showcases Fellows’ talent for oral interpretation of literature. "

-- Great Falls Tribune

The Belle of Amherst

a one woman show

written by William Luce

About the show

Jane Fellows has been performing this remarkable one-woman show for over 25 years. 


“Each time I have the opportunity to share this extraordinary woman and her journey with an audience, I am humbled by her genius and humanity, her insights and perceptions and her feisty non-conformist nature.”


The Belle of Amherst allows the audience an intimate glimpse into the mind, soul, humor, and heart of a person who was ahead of her time.


Emily shares herself through her poems, insights and memories.  One of America’s greatest poets was a recluse for much of her life.  Through her poems, letters and accounts of visits with friends, this delightful and moving play was conceived and written by William Luce.  You, the audience as visitors in her parlor, are part of Emily’s present time in 1883, in Amherst Massachusetts.


Throughout the play, Emily reflects and re-creates past events in her life.  She even was able to contemplate the nature of her own death.  Emily Dickinson will always be an enigma.  This play allows the audience a glimpse of one of the geniuses of American poetry.


William Luce remarks that the one-person play is uniquely suited to the telling of Emily’s story.  It is an intimate one-to-one relationship with the audience.


The Belle of Amherst is a love affair with language, a celebration of all that is beautiful and poignant in life.  The theatre is a thoroughly appropriate setting for Emily’s life and art, enabling actress and audience to “climb the Bars of Ecstasy” together.


Details and Booking
  • Run time is 2 hours with intermission.


  • Technical requirements are minimal with all furnishings supplied by the actor.


  • Makes for a charming evening with dessert offered at intermission!


  • Great eductional opportunity!


Performance History


New Century Players

Milwaukie, OR

in repertory with "First Lady Lou"


San Juan Community Theatre

Friday Harbor, WA


Back Door Theatre

Portland, Oregon



Ainsworth House

Oregon City, Oregon


Charbonneau Country Club            Wilsonville, Oregon


Willamette Country Club              Canby, Oregon


Mt. Hood Summer Rep                 Gresham, Oregon


Hillside Retirement Comm.          McMinnville, Oregon


Rave in the Nave

Portland, Oregon



Bigfork  Theatre           

Bigfork, Montana


Big Mountain,

​Flathead Soroptomists

Whitefish, Montana


Port Polson Playhouse

Polson, Montana


Marquee Theatre                          Lethbridge, Alberta


Grand Marais Playhouse               Grand Marais, Minnesota


KM Theatre, Kalispell Rep            Kalispell, Montana


Latah Historical Society

​Moscow, Idaho



Spokane Club,

​Spokane Interplayers

Spokane, Washington


Whitefish Theatre

Whitefish, Montana



Paris Gibson Square

Great Falls, Montana